Collection Friedrich and Dr. Ruth Boss

December 2020

Collection Manfred Erb, Ravensburg

May 2018

Collection Roland Hänssel

March 2017

The Gert K. Nagel Collection

January 2016

Jubilee Auction 25 years Fine Asian Art sales

December 2014

The Julius Eberhardt Collection

November 2013

The Neckermann Collection

March 2009

The J. J. Ludwig Collection

February 2008

Figurines of Art Déco

March 2007

Royal Wuerttemberg

December 2006

The Fahr Collection

December 2006

Jubilee - 500th Art and Antiques Sale

September 2006

The Mainau Sale

September 2004

The Inaugural Sale "Neckarhof"

September 2003

The Tek Sing Sale

November 2000

Gaussig Castle

January 1998

Orsenhausen Castle

April 1997

Moeckmuehl Castle

July 1996

Osterberg Castle

September 1995