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By using this form you can order single catalogues or catalogue subscriptions. Please enter the auction code(s) or subscription type and the method of payment below. The catalogue(s) will be sent to you as soon as possible. Please use only a street address (no, as the catalogues are sent by courier) and do not forget to submit your E-Mail address and phone number.

Single catalogue prices:

Major Auctions of Art & Antiques (€ 35  for Germany, € 60  for foreign countries)
Auctions of Varia (online available only)
Auctions of Modern Art (€ 25 for Germany, € 45 for foreign countries)
Auctions of Fine Asian Art (€ 70  for Germany, € 100  for foreign countries)
Please fill out the following form, print it out, sign it duly and send it by fax.

Catalogue Order Form
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